Thursday, October 2, 2008


One of the reasons that the cost of laser tattoo removal has gone down in the last few years is because there are more places are now offering this service. That said, when a new clinic offers a really low price they may have have little experience, old equipment, or even a laser that's not indicated to treat ink! On the flip side, when a facility has really high prices you may just be paying for the doctor's time and there's no guarantee that they are any better then the fly-by-nightmedspa. Ultimately, just like any purchase in life, you should research the laser tattoo removal clinic and see what kind of reputation they have in the community. Prices can range greatly but to get a really accurate estimate of the cost of laser tattoo removal please CLICK HERE.


Mel said...

How does a patient determine a good laser tattoo removal clinic? Are there any tips you could suggest for us to look for when choosing a clinic?

Dr. WILL KIRBY said...

The best tattoo removal centers are the ones with the highest patient volume and the most experience. You'll have to shop around but if someone only does "part-time" laser tattoo removal or if it is a medi-spa then they aren't likelt the experts you want to see.