Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Multiple factors contribute to the success of laser tattoo removal one of which is a patient's own immune system. As a result, a healthy patient will get the best results. Adequate hydration, eight hours of sleep a night, maintaining a health weight, eating a well balanced diet, exercise, and not smoking are just some of the factors that can help patients get great results. Additionally, although treatment on some patients with immune systems problems should be avoided (AIDS, untreated hepatitis, cancer, etc) some patients with underlying conditions (HIV patients with undetectable viral loads, hepatitis patients in remission, etc) can be successfully treated. To get excellent results from laser tattoo removal it is imperative that you provide accurate information on your intake paperwork, are honest with your health care team, and take great care of your immune system!


Rebecca J. said...

Wow! You sure can't be this guarantee, Dr. Will. I love it when people stand behind their products/services. Very impressive!

rebecca j. said...

I'm so sorry. That should have said "you sure can't BEAT this guarantee"!